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Every child in India deserves to live life to the full
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In , members of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians ATNI and a regional consortium of Northwest tribes formed a child welfare committee to help set policy and direction on Native child and family issues. Over the next five years, with the generous support of several leading foundations and input from tribes, NWICWA developed three major areas of activities: information exchange, community development, and public policy analysis.

Although the Association was regionally focused at that time, NWICWA never turned away opportunities for service, and its activities became increasingly national in scope. Today, NICWA is the preeminent national Native organization focused specifically on the tribal capacity to prevent child abuse and neglect.

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  • Limit Government Intrusion in Indian Families’ Lives.

NICWA is a membership organization whose main constituencies are tribal governments, urban and reservation-based social service programs, and especially the frontline staff who work with Native children and families. As a c 3 nonprofit organization, NICWA receives funding from many different sources, including memberships; individual, tribal, and corporate donations; fundraising events; program contracts; curriculum sales; and foundation and government grants.

Our Vision: Every Native child must have access to community-based, culturally appropriate services that help them grow up safe, healthy, and spiritually strong—free from abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, and the damaging effects of substance abuse. To promote safe, healthy, and culturally strong environments for Native children.

To promote the spiritual strength of Native children and a positive cultural identity. My friends come too for the classes. I like my teacher a lot. She has a sweet smile. She never scolds me if I get my sum wrong. She helps us solve puzzles. I never miss my classes. She has helped me to get good marks in my exams.


I am now the second best in my class. As far as the community is concerned, all I can say is that I work from the heart. Very truly, I tell you, I am so delighted to serve as a volunteer here.


With my independence, I hope to be financially strong and on my own feet — away from poverty. This will help me be more confident and ensure that I walk the paths I have planned for myself and my family. I think CI opens the child's eyes to the possibilities and their true potential. This is something parents alone in that situation could not provide.

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Charles Eastman - Wikipedia

See our impact Where we work India. India help us fight poverty in India Share. Issues in India These are some of the most serious challenges that poor Indians are facing right now. Scholarships allow determined youth to continue their schooling or learn vocational skills. Trisha M. Aruna C. Phirdous B. Lou L. Community centers What is a community center?

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Tilden-Keller Family Community Center This center in Delhi offers about 4, kids a welcome oasis from the challenges of urban poverty. Shahabad Dairy opened August 6, The Ahuja Family Community Center gives over 5, kids access to regular medical care and educational support.

Want to visit your child? Change the story for Vansh 4 years old Waiting 31 days India.