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New Release: Reading Koine Greek

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By repeating the process with a different grammar each time, you will inevitably end up with different exegetical results because each Greek grammar is not doing the same thing. In fact, they are often conflicting in the information they convey so you can expect conflicting results. So, do you wish to be a dilettante, or an expert? The true expert will not just read through Greek grammars without discretion. One that many around the world wish they had the opportunity to do. May we continue to be faith exegetes, researchers, and preachers in devoting our efforts to understanding the language of the New Testament.

He also holds an M. For some reason, the post keeps shifting my reply down toward the bottom. I listed some bibliographic information for you. Perhaps you could recommend an authority on the use of grammatical forms in the teaching of rhetoric?

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Thanks for reading the blog. I am not quite sure I understand the question.

Dethroning Grammar for Mastering Greek: A Rejoinder

Can you clarify? I might be misunderstanding the question, so if you could elaborate or clarify a bit, maybe I can give a better answer or point you toward the resource you are seeking. I appreciate your blog Vinh. A friend in the biblical studies made me aware of certain biblical scholars contending for a theological reading of the text. If I understand my friend correctly, they postulate that a theological reading the text supersedes the grammatical understanding, because we all bring our presuppositions to the text even the biblical writers did this.

What are you thoughts on this? I appreciate this question. I am inclined to disagree with a theological reading but also with just a pure grammatical reading. So, I would argue against a theological reading superseding grammatical understanding but keeping in mind that grammar is the starting point of language—not the end understanding the language and how it functions in its context is important—I think. There was a Biblical Theology movement that influenced much of this. I appreciate the comment and hope it provided what you were seeking.

They are my thoughts about it but also many others. Many Blessings, brother! Thanks for the question. The most discussed topic in recent years has been on the Greek Verb. The three major monographs on that are:. Porter, Stanley E. Studies in Biblical Greek 1. New York: Peter Lang, Fanning, Buist M. Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek. Campbell, Constantine R. Studies in Biblical Greek v. Decker, Rodney J. Studies in Biblical Greek vol.

Robert Paul Seesengood, M.Div., Ph.D.

McKay, K. Huffman, Douglas S. Studies in Biblical Greek Vol. Journal for the Study of the New Testament Pitts, eds. Linguistic Biblical Studies v. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, I hope some of these are of help. Within Greek studies, some of the ones listed are arguably the most important monographs on the Greek language especially the VA conversation. Some of the edited volumes offer helpful background information as well. Happy reading! Feel free to email me or post additional comments if you have any other questions.

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  6. Runge and Christopher J. If so, what are your thoughts on it? I have read nearly all of those essays. I am not sure the book in its entirety accomplished what the authors were expecting. That was strange. Let me make some general overall comments and then address those two specific essays.

    Part of the problem and why I also left it off the bibliography I provided is that they wrote a book on a major topic without including the three major voices of the conversation Porter, Fanning, Campbell with Campbell being a much later voice. Much of his contribution was rehashing old material that most are already aware of.

    But all that does it puts the conversation back to why those original monographs were written in the first place!

    He thinks to view the language only as aspectual push the pendulum too far the opposite way, but his conclusions only offer more instability than they do stability. So, what then does that actually accomplish? How does that offer fresh insights for biblical exegesis a part of the title that never gets integrated into the individual essay in any real way, unfortunately? In fact, it will only perpetuate confused exegesis in my opinion.

    There are at least five different schools of thought on discourse analysis of which Runge subscribes to the SIL school following Stephen Levinsohn.

    How To Parse A Greek Verb

    That is, on the most general level, he attributes different functions for the perfect across different genres—I think. It seems to be less about the how it functions within the language system and more about how it functions in specific contexts. He is right that the perfect tense-form is the most discussed within verbal aspect studies.

    The last we checked with D. Carson, he informed us that it was delayed but now finished and headed to be printed. At least, those are some of my preliminary thoughts on their essays without doing a full review of them. I wish more would have been addressed during the panel discussion for the book, but the entire event was kind of unorganized and strange in my opinion. I hope this helps! Several comments in no particular order.